Visual Perceptual Skills

Your child’s Visual perceptual skills are an important set of skills that help them understand the world around them. So, what are visual perceptual skills? Visual perceptual skills are the ability to visually take in information and interpret that information to give it a meaning. There are seven different skills that make up visual perceptual skills. They are the the following:

Visual discrimination

Determining differences/ similarities between

 objects such as size, shape, color, etc.

Visual sequential memory 

The ability to recall visual sequences/ 


Form constancy

Identifying that an object is the same object regardless of its orientation, size, color, etc.

Visual closure

Identifying an object or person even if you can’t see the entire picture.

Visual memory

The ability to recognize visual traits of an object.

Visual spatial relations

 Determining the relationships between the objects in your environment.

Visual figure ground

The ability to locate an object in a 

visually busy environment.

Questions or concerns?

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Urooba Khaleelullah, MOT, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist