PlayWorks Therapy, Inc. offers free developmental screenings to families who are exploring what their child's developmental needs may be. At PlayWorks Therapy Inc., we provide high-quality, individualized therapy services to children from birth to twelve years old. Services include speech-language therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy, developmental therapy, physical therapy, social work/counseling services, therapeutic social groups, and therapeutic preschool services.

Based on your concerns for your child, you may elect to have your child participate in a global developmental screening or a discipline-specific screening (i.e. speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work/counseling services). If you do not have any specific concerns and are generally exploring any needs your child may have, we recommend choosing the global developmental screening option.

Screenings are complimentary and are offered virtually via Telehealth or in-person on a limited basis.

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What is a developmental screening?
A developmental screening is a brief assessment of your child’s overall development. Screenings will determine whether your child is demonstrating age-appropriate skills across their development or within a specific developmental domain (e.g. physical therapy). Additionally, screenings help provide recommendations for further evaluation and therapeutic support within a specific area of development (e.g. speech-language development).

What types of screenings are offered?
We offer global developmental screenings (covering all developmental domains), as well as discipline-specific screenings including:

  • speech-language therapy (receptive and expressive language development and speech sound production skills)
  • occupational therapy (fine motor development, self-help skills, and sensory processing)
  • physical therapy (gross motor development)
  • social work/counseling (social-emotional development)

How do I know which screening is best for my child?
If you do not have any specific concerns for your child’s development but would like to assess their overall development, we recommend signing up for a global developmental screening. This screening assesses all areas of development, including sensory organization, cognition, language, motor skills, and social-emotional development.

If you have specific concerns for your child’s development, you may choose to sign up for a domain-specific evaluation. You may choose a speech-language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or social work/counseling screening. If you have concerns in more than one developmental domain, it is best to sign up for a global screening.

How will my child benefit from a developmental screening?
If you or your child’s teachers have concerns regarding your child’s development, a screening is beneficial to determine areas of support so that your child can be successful and independent across settings.

For Daycares and Schools:
PlayWorks Therapy, Inc. offers global developmental screenings, speech and language screenings, and occupational therapy screenings for daycares and schools virtually via Telehealth at this time. We will work with you to schedule screenings with a team of therapists that fit the unique needs of your students and their families.

If you are interested in learning more about our individual or school-based screening services, please contact us at (773) 332-9439,, or fill out our contact us form.