Grasp this!

Coloring a superhero coloring page, making a chalk racetrack on the driveway, or having a white board drawing competition can all be ways for your child to practice their grasp. As your child grows, the grasp they use on their writing utensil will change and can be a sign of their evolving fine motor skills. By the approximate ages listed, your child should be demonstrating these types of grasp on their writing utensil.

  1. Fisted Grasp: 1- 1.5 Years old

At this age, your child may form a fist around their writing utensil to produce scribbles and color their favorite character coloring pages. All movements will be produced from the shoulder at this time.

2. Digital Pronate Grasp: 1.5 – 3.3 years old

 With a digital pronate grasp, your child will begin to turn their wrist and have their thumb and index finger pointing towards their paper and their movements may begin to originate from the elbow at this state!

3. Static Tripod Grasp/ Quadrupod: 3 – 4 years old

When using a static tripod grasp,  your child will begin to hold their writing utensil between their thumb and index finger and rest it on their middle finger, or when using you quadrupod grasp, rest it on their ring finger. Movements can originate from the arm or begin at the wrist when using this grasp!

      4. Dynamic Tripod Grasp 5 – 6 years old

 At this age, your child will continue to hold their writing utensil between their thumb and index finger and rest it on the middle finger and now begin to produce their movements from their fingers!


 Questions or concerns?

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Urooba Khaleelullah, MOT, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist


Photo Credit: Heather Greutman via Growing Hands-on Kids