Summer Sun Sensory Fun


It’s officially summertime in the Chi and we couldn’t be more excited! This perfect weather is practically begging our little ones to go outside and play. These fun, summer sensory rich activities are wonderful ways to engage our children’s tactile system and expose them to different scents, textures, and sensations. 

Tactile input is important for our kids because one of the main ways they learn about their world is through touch! Our tactile system helps us understand our environment and explore different temperatures, textures, and sensations that we use to feel safe and comfortable. When a child has difficulty processing tactile sensations, they may feel uncomfortable in their bodies and have difficulty tolerating different foods, clothing textures, water temperature, bathing, and grooming tasks.

Check out these simple and fun activities that are a sure way to motivate your child to engage in some messy outdoor play!


Sensory Activities:

  1. Paint Sensory Bag
  2. Sand Painting
  3. Ice Chalk
  4. Nature Sensory Bag
  5. Muddy Animal Wash
  6. Sponge Water Play
  7. Beach Themed Sensory Table
  8. Ice Art
  9. Ocean Playdough Exploration
  10. Shaving Cream Finger Painting


There are also many other fun sensory activities you can do with your child this summer! Take a walk along the beach and dig for seashells, splash in the pool, or plant flowers in the garden. The opportunities for sensory experiences are endless in this great city we get to call home!


Questions or concerns?

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s sensory processing, please contact us at or 773-332-9439.


Cristina Brown, MOT, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist



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Photo Credit: Photo by Ana Klipper on Unsplash