Language Fun & Paper Plate Farm Animals

Looking for a fun spring craft? Check out these fun paper-plate farm animals and get to work!

Incorporating speech and language into arts and crafts is a great way to target goals! Try discussing animal sounds and names. Label what you’re doing (i.e. cutting, pasting, pushing, coloring, drawing, etc.). Take turns with the crayons, appliqués and model pronoun use (I do, my turn, your turn.) Point to animals and have your child do the same (“Here’s the sheep. Can you show me the horse?”) Describe the way things look and feel (“The sheep has a soft, white coat.”) Is your child engaging in pretend play? Have the animals pretend to “eat” or go through a bedtime routine. Working on a specific speech sound goal? See if your child can say a target five times before taking a coloring turn.

Follow up this fun craft by visiting the farm at the Lincoln Park Zoo or by reading a farm book to review! I especially love any touch-and-feel farm books for a bonus sensory activity.

Contact us if you have questions about how to incorporate your child’s goals into arts and crafts!!

Credit for craft idea:
Caitlin Brady, M.A.,CCC-SLP
Director of Speech and Language Services