DIY Mystery Monster

337e1b2e-3759-41c2-8d0c-d7a08a226f82-1You don’t need Halloween to do the Monster Mash! Try creating your own mystery monster with items you have at home. This activity requires 3 people, 1 piece of blank paper, and crayons/markers/colored pencils.

First, hold the paper vertically, fold the paper in thirds to make 3 creases, and then unfold. Next, write “head” in the top section, “body” in the middle section, and “feet” in the bottom section. The first person will take a turn creating the creature’s head. Once the head is completed, the paper will then be passed onto the next person who will complete the creature’s body. Finally, have the last person complete the feet. Make sure all of the body parts connect. When your mystery monster is completed, make up a story about what its’ name is, where it’s from, what it likes to eat, etc. You can also identify body parts and come up with what the monster might say. Feel free to add on other craft items to your monster (e.g. googly eyes; pom poms).