Social Skills Plus!

Cooperating with others, tolerating peer preferences, and following group instructions can be challenging!

Join us for an 8-week, 60-minute therapeutic group that encourages social skill building, play skill development, and sensory processing. These groups are co-led by two therapists and will have a maximum of four chlidren per group.

Social Skills Plus! is especially helpful for kids who have mild to moderate speech and language delays, social-emotional needs, and sensory processing challenges. Groups are also useful for children who benefit from structured support with peer interactions.

Groups will focus on:

  • Communicating needs and making requests
  • Processing emotions
  • Understanding another’s perspective
  • Regulating sensory experiences
  • Following routines and taking turns
  • Expanding interactive play

Toddler Time

Ages: 2 to 3 years

Time: Tuesday @ 10:30 am

Preschool Pals

Ages: 3 to 5 years

Time: Monday @ 12:45pm


Week of April 2nd through week of May 21st


$400 (8 weekly 1-hour sessions)

How do I sign up?

Please call our office to schedule a phone consultation regarding enrolling your child. One of our directors will reach out to you to help determine if your child will benefit from Social Skills Plus!